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A fine selection of agates turned up on Monday evening - 4th October 2010.
Members brought in an assortment of agate pieces from the UK and elsewhere worldwide,
all worthy of including in this short article, but as normal I have
included only a select number to try to portray the spectrum of items shown.


A nice colourful diplay of polished agate pieces from Ennis' Collection



Two pieces from Graham's collection.
First colourful, thinly sliced and polished agate from Brazil

A thicker, more slab like section of naturally coloured agate, polished on one side only.



Margeret brought in a wide range of agate pieces from worldwide locations, some with amazing structures.

A beautiful agate slice showing intricate tube-like structures.

Detail of structures in above agate slice.

A nice natural coloured agate with crystallised amethyst core (in the shape of a bell!)

Detail of above agate.

Red veined agate from Hornt Haltz in the Czech Republic

A classic crystal lined "Thunder egg", cut and polished with blue agate banding.
Double Dugway Geode fom Utah, U.S.A.

Fossilised coral from the well documented location at Tampa Bay, Florida, U.S.A.

Detail of above fossilised coral.

The first of two views of a rather exquisite agate inlaid box.

An unusual agate geode with section of smoky quartz from Luthrie, Fife, Scotland.

A shaped and polished "dendritic agate from Kazakhstan.

A pale blue and reddish, cut and polished half agate nodule from Scotland.


Michael brought in a selection of items all derived from agates he had collected on his trips to Agate Creek, Northern Australia.

A rather nice finely banded grey and near white agate nodule still in its natural state.

A red and grey banded agate, partially tumble polished and later hand finished.

A selection of small agate nodules all collected in Australia.

Agate cabochons of various sizes some mounted into jewellery.



Paul brought in a fine array of mostly British agates.

A small finely banded nodule pair from Ferryden, Scotland.

This agate and the one beneath are two halves of the same agate from Culzean, Ayrshire.


Above and below - two images of agate, cut & polished nodules from Dunure, Ayrshire.

"Potato Stone" with crystallized quartz in the core from Dulcote, Somerset.

Detail of above Dulcote nodule

Chalcedony section from a "stalactitic" formation from Wheal Mary Ann, Menheniot, Cornwall.

Two halves, cut & polished, of a sedimentary agate from Ladye Bay, Clevedon, Somerset.

Detail of one half of above polished nodule.

Above and below, more agates from Ladye Bay, Clevedon, Somerset.


A nice cut and polished pair from the Island of Mull.

Thunder Egg half, again cut and Polished from Poland.

Thunder Egg slice from Novy Kosciott, Poland.



Finally, a selection of agates from Peter's collection.